Grovesend and Waungron Community Council response to the Swansea Community Review

Published: 09 July 2024

We held a public meeting on the 10 June 2024 to allow our residents to have a say on the Review and was well attended by over 100 residents. Comments received from the residents included: -

  • Gorseinon Town Council is a political council – Grovesend and Waungron Community Council are a non-political Council
  • Isn’t there a green wedge between us and Gorseinon? We are classified as a peri urban ward – Penyrheol classed as an urban ward
  • If we merge with Gorseinon Town Council we will no longer be able to apply for grants e.g. coalfields funding, etc especially grants that can only be applied for once per financial year
  • Grovesend and Waungron Community Council have a very good community spirit. We would lose our identity as Gorseinon is a much bigger place
  • We are a rural village and Gorseinon is a town
  • Why change what is not broken?
  • We are two small villages that would lose their identity should the merger take place.
  • Funds would be spent in Gorseinon and Grovesend and Waungron would be forgotten
  • Gorseinon is so big and our village would be forgotten about
  • Our current Community Council works very well – why change what is not broken?
  • We will lose our identity and a voice for our village
  • We know the needs of our community? Gorseinon don’t know the needs of their community
  • Local identity will be done away with
  • Gorseinon Town Council is not a community council
  • Gorseinon is surged with anti-social behaviour - significant issues that we may have would be drowned out
  • Beauty of this community council is that we are not political
  • Won’t have a community council because it will be a town council
  • Grovesend and Waungron Community Council have worked hard to create a community spirit and provided excellent events and support – this work should not be undone

I have attached a petition that has been signed by over 340 residents of Grovesend and Waungron objecting to the merger which shows a significant number of the community are unhappy with the proposals.

Emails received from individuals objecting to the merger have also been included.


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