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Welcome to Grovesend & Waungron Community Council

The Community Council exists to serve and represent the people of the villages of both Grovesend and Waungron and to express the views of the community we represent to the local authority, Welsh Government and other public bodies. We are the closest level of local government to the electorate and democratically accountable to residents.

We provide financial assistance to local organisations such as the Guides, Church and village sporting teams. The Community Council frequently links up with Pengelli Primary School to assist with specific projects and provides additional grant funding. We have a statutory seat on the Governing Body.

We have a legal right to be consulted on every planning application submitted to the City & County of Swansea for our area and have a voice over its recommendation. One area of priority here is the protection of our open countryside and the Green Belt that surrounds both villages.

Membership of the Community Council is made up of 11 elected Councillors together with the two ward members representing the City & County of Swansea. 

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